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Short, not dull: What you can expect in the NCGA’s short session

RALEIGH – The 2014 short session of the North Carolina General Assembly starts Wednesday with the prospect that this year it may indeed be a short one.

With the cost of campaigns rising and legislators under a ban on raising money during session, there’s all the more reason for lawmakers get out of town as quickly as possible. Toss into that mix a couple of wild cards: the speaker of the House is the GOP candidate in a tight U.S. Senate race and the head of the state Senate has a son in a congressional race.

So, short? Yes. But dull? No.

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Despite technology, much of coal ash will remain in Dan River

DANVILLE, Va. — Duke Energy unveiled the Total Clean Station and other impressive technology Monday at the start of a six-week effort to recover the largest of three, known deposits from North Carolina’s Feb. 2 coal ash spill.

But the prospects look grim for recapturing huge amounts of the remaining ash that escaped through a ruptured drainage pipe at the Dan River Steam Station on the outskirts of Eden three months ago.

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Teacher flight rising in CMS; pay seen as possible factor

Almost one in 10 Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools teachers have left their jobs this school year, a rising number that district officials say appears to be partly driven by frustration with low pay.

As of April 9, 858 CMS teachers had resigned, retired or otherwise left the district. That’s 9.6 percent of 8,907 teachers, the highest number and percentage in the past five years.

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Barefoot’s world: Where lobbyists rule and women do as they’re told – time for a change

For Immediate Release

Raleigh, NC – With a pathetic new attack ad on Sarah Crawford and her family, Senator Chad Barefoot today offered a startling look into his own political beliefs and the corrupt values that so desperately need to be changed in the State Senate. And in a bit of dizzying hypocrisy, the ad is funded by the nearly $1 million of special interest money behind Barefoot’s TV campaign.

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Backing their guys: Big Oil puts down Big Money for Chad Barefoot and the ‘Fracking Crew’


Raleigh, NC – One month after a series of ads raised serious questions about Sen. Chad Barefoot and other legislators’ ties to the oil and gas industry, The American Petroleum Institute launched a quarter million dollar campaign in support of Barefoot and other members of the so-called, ‘fracking crew’ – Raleigh politicians who voted to fast-track fracking without proper safeguards in place to protect land or drinking water.

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Session Recap: From start to finish, GOP picks wealthy and special interests; leaves public schools, middle class behind


“This morning, Governor McCrory signed a gimmicky election-year budget that falsely hails the largest teacher pay raise in history while actually cutting additional teachers assistants and setting the stage for massive class size increases – all in order to continue funding outrageous special interest tax giveaways. The disconnect between the Governor and legislature’s election-year rhetoric and reality is striking. So let’s look at their record.

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Blue/Hall: Short session fails teachers, students, middle class families



Raleigh, NC – In a press conference this morning, Senate Democratic Leader Dan Blue and House Democratic Leader Larry Hall blasted legislative Republicans for their complete failure to achieve any of their stated goals for short session, including meaningful and sustainable teacher pay raises, and a plan to clean up toxic coal ash, protect drinking water, and ensure that polluters pick up the tab and not pass cost of cleanup to utility ratepayers.

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